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detail + care are the core values of sponge skincare products. more than 30 years of intensive research enabled sponge to pinpoint nature’s most powerful plants & herbs, harnessing the best of nature through a unique chemical-free extraction process to improve circulation, promote overall skin health and a glowing, youthful appearance.

the island of symi, the land of our ancestors in the greek aegean was the inspiration for the name of our product. the organic sponges that were cultivated on the island were not only the main industry for centuries, but also the umbilical cord of life between the people, the land and the sea.

similar to a sponge, the skin gains nourishment by absorbing essential elements for a healthy glow. your skin imbibes the sponge line of creams with no greasy residues. you are left with a soft, fresh and clean feeling.

sponge’s blue-gray packaging is reflective of the essence of the sea that surrounds the greek island of santorini (thira). the gray-blue hue of the water in thira is created by the reflection from the lava seabed. thira is considered by some to be the “lost city of atlantis” and people believe the mystery of the island lies within the color of the water. sponge products are based in olive oil and mixed with organically grown herbs with no color additives. the creams take on the natural colors of the combined herbs. when exposed to air the natural creams will begin to darken over time.

our family has been making natural skin care products that are based in olive oil with organically grown herbs for over thirty years. we use a slow non-chemical process to extract the purest essences from the natural plants. the products were first developed by a physician to benefit his pregnant patients without impacting their unborn children. through word of mouth, the products developed a loyal following. we continue to stay true to our origins of care, health and well-being, and the ingredients that are harvested from this ancient, rich land.

our products are tested clinically for safety. they are not tested on animals and are hypoallergenic.

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