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detail + care are the core values of sponge skincare. Originally formulated by a doctor for the care of his pregnant patients without the intent to sell, more than 30 years of research has enabled sponge to pinpoint nature’s most powerful plants thru a chemical-free extraction process. Sponge products are hand-blended, and each cream has a base of first pressed extra-virgin olive oil to promote firming, anti-oxidant and overall health benefits to the skin.

Sponge uses only the finest organic and wild-crafted ingredients which are naturally extracted by boiling the plants, herbs and flowers to particular temperatures and times based upon the maturity and the region in Greece it was grown to retain the highest amount of nutrients and vitamins. It is a slow process but it is also very pure to help ensure that your skin will ultimately benefit.

The highest sustainable growing standards are upheld where our plants, herbs and flowers are nurtured and harvested. We have also developed a method of testing products for safety and efficacy that is cruelty-free, which has been accepted by the Dermatological Society of Europe.

sponge is dedicated to minimizing the environmental footprint of every production channel. Sponge uses only bio-degradable soy ink, 100% recyclable materials and in the print practice, works exclusively with companies that are FSC (Forext Stewardship Council) Certified, the strictest in the industry. FSC’s social and environmental requirements are also the highest and meet the social, economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual needs of present and future generations including criteria such as respect for human rights of indigenous people, prohibition of use of hazardous chemicals and conversion of forests or any other natural habitat.

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